Thoughts, Quotes, Ideas, Poetry, all from the mind of Eric Ravin

Thinking about where I've been and what I might have done different. 

"I write songs that are true to myself and not the current musical trends." Eric Ravin


Gazing into the future as Jimi is looking over my shoulder.



"No gold records yet, just empty whiskey bottles, hangovers and fine cars like below!" Eric Ravin

"I like to create musical atmospheres with my songs where the listener can go and experience the music and find their own space within it." Eric Ravin    

"I don’t want to sit back and let the Classic Rock and Blues music I love die. I don’t want to listen to oldies and do nothing. I want to go forward and create new music based on the energy, sounds and feelings of what I love and I hope it’s good enough that there are others who will join me and support my efforts." Eric Ravin  


"The only barrier between darkness and the light is music." Eric Ravin 

"The age of the guitar doesn't matter but the soul of it does." Eric Ravin


"No Telling what you'll find at the bottom of a wine glass!"


"The guitar is, to me, the most versatile instrument on earth. Whether you play acoustic, acoustic electric or electric there's nothing else like it to convey so many different emotions, moods and rhythms."