Latest News & Announcements 


Two songs for the new album are being finalized. Consensus is we'll have 12 songs on the next album. Looking to launch it the middle of 2017. Stay tuned.

Our new single "For What It Is" out now! 

Ibanez RG model, awesome guitar. I used this for all the electric guitar work on our current single, "For What It Is." 

This mysterious beauty was used on "Child of Doom" on Eric's current album, "Drivin' My Own Road" to create a dark, mysterious and hypnotic lead sound.

Eric, taking it easy on a sunny day having a drink and thinking of concepts for the followup album to "Drivin' My Own Road."

On the balcony of a supposedly haunted hotel somewhere in AZ 

Eric by the final resting place in LA for "The Man on the Silver Mountain" Ronnie James Dio