Fan Feedback


Read what Eric's fans from around the world are saying about his music. 

I love your music, Eric Ravin! I am a fan! Sarah K. Austin, TX 

You have some of the most powerful and moving music out there today. I love it! Alice B. Meridian, MS 

Your music has a variety and depth to it that you just don't hear in modern music. Excellent tunes! Greta E.  Santa Barbara, CA

Some of the best , damn music I ever heard, Indie or Pro. Kenny W. Bethesda, MD

I really like your songs. They are so well written. I especially like the ending to "9 Shots of Whiskey." It is one of the prettiest and smoothest finishes I've ever heard to a song. Valerie P. Portland, OR

You have such sophisticated sound and production for an Indie artist. Very well done and great music as well. Donnie G. Boca Raton, FL

Your songs are incredibly good and you are one good looking dude! Dianne D. Bristol, PA

Just came across you on Rhapsody and loved your music. Been looking for this kind of vibe for a long time. I am now an Eric Ravin fan! Sue H. Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for doing what you do. I love your music! Michael K. St. Louis, MO

You are a truly gifted musician, I hope you become famous! Cyndi C. Chicago, IL

If a great song is one you snap your fingers and tap your toe to and hum all all day then you have many great songs. So glad I discovered Eric Ravin. Bella G. Lisbon, Portugal

You've got to be one of the best songwriters out there today. Your vibe is totally your own. The major labels just don't know what they're missing and could definitely use. Jamie U. Cleveland, OH

Couldn't get your song, "For What It Is," out of my head for 3 days! That's definitely a major tune. CF Crowley, Spokane, WA

I absolutely love your new single, "For What It Is." I can identify so much with your lyrics. It's as though you put my life into words. Stefanie R. Atlanta, GA

I don't even drink, but after hearing "9 Shots of Whiskey" a couples of times I wanted to go out and buy a bottle and start pouring! Great song, man. Charlie G. Philadelphia, PA 

As I listen to the 2 guitars at the end of "When I Looked In Her Eyes" it sounds as if the two characters in the song are having a final, sad and moving conversation. Very emotionally powerful as well as your haunting vocals. Katy W. Boston, MA

I Love your voice and original music. You are truly a gift to today's musical scene. I also love the way you play the guitar. Maria Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In a current modern musical scene where everything sounds like circus music and funeral dirges, your music is a breath of fresh rhythmic and melodic air. Michael N. Toronto, Canada

Rock and Roll and Blues are alive and well thanks to your music Eric Ravin. Can't get through a day without listening to you! Roger G. Tampa, FL

Downloaded every one of your songs and got you dialed in on Spotify. Can't get enough Eric Ravin. Carla N. Charlotte, NC

Just downloaded your song, "Hard Lovin' Woman," and I think it's awesomely kinky. Gonna play it to my girlfriend tonight just to see what happens! Dave Y. San Francisco, CA

You have a truly unique style. I can always recognize your voice and guitar within the first couple of notes of any of your songs. I also think you're one of the best songwriters out there today. Sonya K. Houston, TX

Any musician who can go from a song like "Child of Doom" to one like "Reincarnation" and everything you do in between, has got to be one of the most versatile singers, songwriters, guitarists on the planet! T Schultz. Auckland, NZ

Eric, you are a breath of fresh air in a crowded musical scene. You definitely have your own style and it's easy to get into. Thanks for what you do. Reggie M. New York, NY

What do you mean "There's Nothin' Left In LA." Some of your biggest fans are here. Including me! I love your music. Carla N. Los Angeles, CA

You have a very unique and captivating style. Your music gives me hope that Classic Rock and Blues will never die. Please keep me posted as to when your next album will be released. Mark D. London, UK